Jersey pre-order

posted on October 16, 2012 by John

Jerseys are in the pipeline.

We’re getting these from Primal Wear. Sizing is “Sport,” which is not (starving) “European.”

Size chart is here.

Men jerseys:

men's jersey

Women jerseys:

women's jersey

Women jerseys are women-cut. Specifically:

- No elastic in the sleeves and waistline for added comfort

- Shorter sleeves

- Torso is contoured specifically for women

Cost: $70.

For Elephant bike owners, it’s less.

Fabric: Primalwear’s “speedpro,” which is stretchy poly. (A bit more here.)

We’re doing a small initial run, so if you want to guarentee a jersey in your size, then you should pre-order. Contact Christa (christa at elephantbikes dot com).

You’ll note that there are some non-Elephant logos involved here:

  • River City Red: this is a local beer that you've not had yet. But you will, and you'll dig it because the guy who is building this brewery was the same guy that built Coeur d'Alene Brewing Company and the SteamPlant Brewing operation. The guy is Gage and he knows his beer and he hires good brewers to make the beer he wants.
  • - "Two wheels, one dark lord." Hm. There's a theme emerging here. Actually, it's not that we *don't* enjoy the drink, but in this case, our buddy and expert photographer, Ben Tobin is involved with DC and goes out of his way to showcase Elephant Bikes. Putting the DC logo on the jersey seemed like a good fit and the right payback for Ben's help here. Ben also designed the "elephant" logo.
  • Out There Monthly - Jon Snyder, who happens to be a City Councilman, is also the owner-publisher of Out There Monthly. Here's a pic and some words describing Jon racing a pink Elephant.

As noted, we’re doing a pretty tiny number of jerseys for this first run. People always ask for jerseys, so we’re doing them. So buy one if you’ve asked for one. Then we’ll do more and maybe offer more color combos.