Matthew's Commuter

posted on October 23, 2014 by John

This is Matthew’s commuter bike. With discs, alloy fenders, a rack, and room for fatter tires, this bike makes for a nearly year-round commuter here in Spokane. And by “nearly,” we’re talking about a few hours of a few days each year where snow is too deep to ride through.

Matthew teaches at a local college and has a 20+ mile commute, so he wanted a nimble platform, but one that would handle well with a fairly significant rear-biased load (books, laptop, change of clothes, etc).

The alloy fenders provide excellent coverage and will hold up to the beating that fenders take over the course of typical commute scenarios. Specifically, alloy fenders really shine (literally, if you buff them) when you compare them to plastic fenders and the compounded daily abuse that fenders take when locking/securing your bike and carting your bike on a bus rack.

The build is solid and good value: Fork is Tange carbon disc. Brakes are BB7 road. Cranks/front der are CX-70. Shifting is 105. Rear fender-mounted LED is Portlan Design Works. Bars, stem, post are Ritchey Comp. Rack is Tubus Fly. All good stuff, nothing fragile and all will to take the abuse that is sure to come.

Speaking of good stuff, one of our customers, Hank Greer, writes the “Everyday Cyclist” column for Out There Monthly. He wrote a great article about our stock NFE project in this month’s issue. Read it! Here it is: The Elephant in the Woods: Ultimate Back-Road Touring Bikes Made in Spokane.

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