Small and fat bikes

posted on November 03, 2014 by John

This bike was the last bike in the queue before Glen devotes all of his building time to the stock NFE project. This is a cross race bike for a woman in Seattle.

The bike as 26” wheels. Glen has done these bikes before for smaller CX racers. Most small cross bikes ship with 700c wheels, which forces some compromises around the front-end geometry that make for crappy handling in all case, but especially for racing.

Since the first batch of the stock NFE sold out so fast, the plan is to finish the first batch of NFEs, then catch up on a few custom bikes, then do a second batch of stock NFEs. After that, Glen is pondering a batch of these small CX race bikes. There are a few production versions of small CX with 26” wheels, but none (that we know of) really have a race-optimized geometry like this bike. It seems reasonable that there could be a handful of small cyclists out there that would want a high-quality, stock CX race bike. And if there are, it’s our mission to get this bike in their wee little hands.

Normally this burner is used to boil a giant kettle of water that Glen uses to clean flux off of brazed bits. Every now and then, the burner has a stack of sausages on it. If there are sausages, then there is a hang in Glen’s garage.

The event on Saturday night that warranted a hang was the delivery of Stine’s Surly Ice Cream Truck. As she put the bike together, a crowd gathered and drank beer and ate meat…

… and knitted, while smiling mischievously…

… and held Phoebe, who is due for some ACL surgery and is pretty much milking that for all it’s worth….

Stine eventually finished assembling the bike and was eager to ride it, or perhaps she was just terrified of the drunken crowd sweeping her out of shop chanting, “wheelie! wheelie! wheelie!”

She exceeded expectations… instead of a wheelie, which she dismissed as “silly child’s play,” she proceeded to ride with such purpose and vigor as to catalyze an out-of-body experience… captured here. This photo (which has been independently verified) clearly shows the instant that her soul is leaving her body.

After she re-emerged, unified, into the material world, she pondered the poorly adjusted brake cable that was nearly her (material) undoing.

And then we went home… leaving stuff for Glen to clean up.

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