Pedaler's Fair report

posted on May 12, 2014 by John

Last week we went to Seattle for the Pedaler’s Fair. The fair was a collection of people that make bikey stuff in Washington. There were a handful of frame builders there, and a number of vendors selling bike-related accessories.

Generally, Glen and I were overwhelmed by the warm reception we received from the other vendors and the Fair goers. We were pretty surprised to find that many people either knew a lot about Elephant Bikes or had heard of us.

We met a bunch of cool people that were interested in what we were doing either as customers or as potential partners.

The big huge obvious take-away from this trip is that people seem to be interested in off-the-peg versions of the disc CX and the National Forest Explorer (NFE). We are in the process of figuring out how to do small batch runs of these bikes, across a small range of sizes. Ideally, they will be available in one or two shops in Seattle, but that part is still in the works.

Once people understand the point of the NFE – long rides on dirt with a small camping load by weekend, and fast commuter by weekday – the bike clicks. We showed a new custom NFE frameset (with painted-to-match Cyclefab rack) at the Fair. Meanwhile, Elephant Bike riders, Fred and Andrew, were out doing a camping dirt ride. They sent in Instagram photos of their adventure – it was a perfect set up: as people at the Fair stared at the NFE frameset and asked about it, I could point to the real-time photos on our laptop to illustrate the point of the bike. That’s the click…

As for the stock disc CX: we’ve been building up a plan for making this a stock bike for a month or so, even building up a prototype in our alternate B&W universe. As a custom bike, this is the best seller around here. It’s great for weekend CX racers who commute during the week. It’s also suitable for fast gravel and non-technical single-track, and it’s happy with fenders and a light rear load. The stock version will have an oversized headtube to handle new carbon fork standards.

More to come on this story as it develops.

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